Health Information

The acquisition and deployment of health information technology and health information exchange throughout the healthcare system offers a unique opportunity to make substantial progress in improving the community’s health status. The Universal Health Care shall maximize ICT for immediate and efficient provision of health facilities, improved patient safety and healthcare quality, enhanced public health, health-care cost reduction measures, access to care, consumer engagement and empowerment. In order to do such tasks, full automation of health facilities is a necessity to generate reliable and timely data. Health Information, as a core pillar, is vitally important in the system of connectivity that will provide free exchange of information among health care providers.

Programs Included (but are not limited to):

  • eFHSIS
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Director's Corner

We welcome our new Regional Director!
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Regional Director
Tel No:913-4650
Fax No:912-7754
Health Emergency Medical Services
Tel No:911-5038
Fax No:913-2003
Regional Epidemiological Surveillance Unit
Telefax No:911-5025

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Health Statistics

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